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My kitty is sick. It's hard. The vet actually didn't give her very long, based on the stupid blood values (kidney disease) but she's doing pretty well at home. Of course I am having to shoot her up with fluids every day or two and if you know my cat, you'll laugh out loud picturing that, but there you have it. Some CRF (chronic renal failure) kitties who are given weeks to live surprise us and go on for years, so we will see. She's down to just under 8 pounds but pretty darn feisty. One of our spare bedrooms is now exclusively Sophie's. I daresay she's even a little bit nicer of a cat.

Or as a co-worker said when I lamented the $1100 vet bill for a week's hospitalization, intensive care, meds and tests out the wazoo - "If I were to die today, I'd want to come back as a cat in your house".

ETA at 4.45 pm: Another successful run with the needle and fluids. Batting 3 for 4 now (the first attempt was ridiculous on my part). I never thought she'd let me do it, and she really perks up after the treatment!
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