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I am in Austin, TX for a conference this weekend through Tuesday. I love it here. That is all.
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Took kitty in for some follow up blood work yesterday and all the blood values are trending back toward where they should be. Everything still elevated past normal range but certainly more manageable than before.

She's acting a little punky today, so I'm not shouting that we're totally out of the woods.

But the doc seems to be on board now with my original theory that perhaps an infection caused an epsiode of acute kidney failure, rather than this being end-stage of chronic kidney failure. He seems hopeful that when we finish out the course of antibiotics - three more weeks! - maybe the numbers will be in the normal range.

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I'm so proud of my kitty. She's taking meds, holding still for fluid treatments most of the time, and gaining some weight. I'm keeping her in one room for now, because I need to know what's going in and what's coming out (and we have another cat), but she seems comfy and is always happy to see me (even on some level she must know I'm about to stick a needle into her).

There's so much that's not in our control. But for these weeks, however long it lasts, I am able to take care of her and help her improve. The vet wants to check her blood values again. Grrrrgh. There's a slim chance that an infection was affecting the values adversely, and by treating the infection, the values may improve and the situation may not be as dire as we thought. I'm willing to pursue that theory and see it through with the antibiotics.

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My kitty is sick. It's hard. The vet actually didn't give her very long, based on the stupid blood values (kidney disease) but she's doing pretty well at home. Of course I am having to shoot her up with fluids every day or two and if you know my cat, you'll laugh out loud picturing that, but there you have it. Some CRF (chronic renal failure) kitties who are given weeks to live surprise us and go on for years, so we will see. She's down to just under 8 pounds but pretty darn feisty. One of our spare bedrooms is now exclusively Sophie's. I daresay she's even a little bit nicer of a cat.

Or as a co-worker said when I lamented the $1100 vet bill for a week's hospitalization, intensive care, meds and tests out the wazoo - "If I were to die today, I'd want to come back as a cat in your house".

ETA at 4.45 pm: Another successful run with the needle and fluids. Batting 3 for 4 now (the first attempt was ridiculous on my part). I never thought she'd let me do it, and she really perks up after the treatment!
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So during the whole awarding of best supporting actor to Heath Ledger, anybody notice the camera keep flashing back to Robert Downey, Jr. and RDJ was all serious and choked up...like "there but for the grace of god..."

And, I love Kate Winslet and pretty much every performance she's turned in back to Heavenly Creatures, but I'm so cynical I think her whole ode to Leo (in the second acceptance speech) was given the stamp of approval by Sam ahead of time to sell more movie tickets. And it will work.

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This cat is getting expensive. I know it's NOT bladder or kidney stones or some nasty abdominal tumor. How? By having her x-rayed.

Oh yeah, she was fine last week. I went to San Antonio for three days and came home to a sick cat (this was just as the 14-day injection of antibiotics had worn off).

So now..more meds, more money. Sick cat. She's just mopey and uncomfortable, but better already (now that I've spent another two hundred).

It's like a joke - every vet visit adds up to about two hundred dollars.

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Poor baby is sick again, with some type of inflammation/infection that is urinary tract/bladder/kidney related or somewhere in that area, we're trying to figure it out through series of tests and elimination of things. She's down to 9 lbs again, after being up to almost 10 after the last UTI. The vet gave her a shot of an antibiotic that should work over the course of two weeks. No pills this time, thank heavens.

SOOOOOO...Miss Finicky is getting homemade chicken/rice/veggies, since we discovered last night (thanks to some take-out Thai food) that chicken is the only thing she'll eat a decent amount of and with gusto these days. She's eating the chicken, sleeping a lot, no more litter box accidents so things are looking a bit better.

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The music they selected for the film sucks. I can't see how that soundtrack is selling like hotcakes unless the little girls are just buying up everything that's twilight branded.

As a result I have been filling my head with music that would have been better for the film -namely, Evanescence, which I know is old and has already been played to death in films and tv series.

Whatever, if the song "My Last Breath" is not THE song when they get around to filming Breaking Dawn then well, I don't know...

I can't even believe I am expending this much mental energy on it. Except that I GET it. If I were thirteen right now, I'd be totally obsessed with this thing. When I was thirteen, it was all about Flowers in the Attic.

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went to Salt Lake City and just got back last night (work)
going to Orlando this weekend (work)
work is weird - just weird
need to do more yoga
am broke because we had the roof replaced
should really find job that pays more
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So the company I work for (Company 1) that owns the other company that I really work for (Company 2) announced two weeks ago that Company 2 will be 100% shut down come January. Ha. Ha ha ha. I've been told I can re-apply for my job. I'm not even terribly concerned. But I should be. Meh.
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